Quality Assurance

NanoCBD 4 Life (Quality Assurance Statement)

Believe it or not, CBD companies are not required to have their products tested before they can market and distribute them.  Sadly, it’s not uncommon to have people spending their hard-earned money on CBD products that contain little or no CBD.   However, we at Nano Vision BioScience believe the only way for the consumer to separate quality cannabinoid products from products of questionable quality is through “third-party testing”.  Therefore, we contract independent third-party labs as neutral, unbiased sources to examine and verify NanoCBD 4 Life’s claims for potency and safety.  Even though we are not required to do so, we willfully display the results from our independent labs so you, our customer, can make smart purchases.  We feel the quality of our product and our commitment to transparency will drive NanoCBD 4 Life to the top of a very competitive marketplace.

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